API 2.0 Documentation

Using the API 2.0 and the Multi-Channel-Plugin of Speed4Trade CONNECT you can integrate a trading platform. A trading platform can be an online shop, a marketplace, or any other type of sales channel.

The API 2.0 documentation describes the relevant functions required for developing a trading platform integration. The complexity of integration can be from very simple (XML import / export) to extensive (containing logic). Therefor the result can be a direct integration or a template. A template consists of a set of files, such as properties or script files. Speed4Trade offers its own DSL (domain-specific language) with predefined functions which can be used for export, import, relocate, fetch, transform, and many more.

When processing personal data, please observe the legal requirements for data protection and the guidelines of the connected marketplaces. To ensure data protection, measures must be taken in accordance with the current technical state of the art, e.g. encryption of personal data.

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