Test Server Setup

The test environment can be used for multiple purposes. This does include the development, testing, regression testing, quality assurance of trading platform integrations, building environments for sales and customer demos, and customer & partner support activites.

Read on to find more information about the test environment. A guide to setup the test server for the Multi-Channel-Plugin (MCP) will follow soon.


The test environment will be available 24/7.

Maintenance Window

To maintain a full function and service level, Speed4Trade will maintain the Speed4Trade CONNECT test environment on a weekly basis on Thursdays 8 – 10 am CET. New Speed4Trade-CONNECT-Updates will be made available centrally by Speed4Trade. Please see the Release Notes in the support section. We will reduce the downtime to a minimum.

Demo or Testing of Trading Platform Integrations

Setting up a test environment requires you to

  • setup a subchannel and account in the MCP
  • setup some test data for items and attributes required for the offer process
  • setup jobs to execute the offer and order processes
  • install the trading platform specific template you developed
  • generate orders using a trading platform test account

Known restrictions are

  • It will not be possible to connect ERP or merchant systems to the trading platform integration test environment, which means there will be no webservice API access in this environment available.
  • Please do not connect real live trading platform accounts, since this does require a full Speed4Trade CONNECT license.
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