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    Simplified Integration via Webservice API available now!

    Simplified Integration is not a new API technology but a simplified quick start. It is a reduction of our very powerful WebService API to a BASIC set of calls and fields. It aims at new integrations of Speed4Trade CONNECT into your external system e.g. an ERP or PIM. Nothing will change for existing integrations. The documentation […]

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    API 2.0 Documentation

    Using the API 2.0 and the Multi-Channel-Plugin of Speed4Trade CONNECT you can integrate a trading platform. A trading platform can be an online shop, a marketplace, or any other type of sales channel. The API 2.0 documentation describes the relevant functions required for developing a trading platform integration. The complexity of integration can be from […]

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    API 2.0 Changelog

    Herr / Mr.Frau / Ms. Partner Developer ERP/PIM Developer Trading Platform The fields marked with * are mandatory. I agree that my data may be processed electronically by Speed4Trade GmbH and used for sending information on products and services. I can revoke this consent at any time via the “unsubscribe” link. Our newsletter is usually […]

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    Herr / Mr.Frau / Ms. Partner Developer ERP / PIM Developer Trading Platform Die mit * gekennzeichneten Felder sind Pflichtfelder. Ich bin damit einverstanden, dass meine Daten durch die Speed4Trade GmbH elektronisch verarbeitet und für die Zusendung von Informationen zu Produkten und Dienstleistungen genutzt werden. Diese Einwilligung kann ich jederzeit über den „Abmelden“-Link widerrufen. Unseren […]

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    In der Speed4Trade-CONNECT-API-Dokumentation finden Sie eine Liste aller Calls, Detailbeschreibungen der XML Daten, XML-Schemata, Hinweise zur Umsetzung, Wertetabellen und Implementierungsbeispiele. Die integrierte Suche erleichtert die Selektion von relevanten Informationen. Die Versionen des API-Webservices von Speed4Trade CONNECT sind abwärtskompatibel, soweit nicht anders angegeben.

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    Integration Guide

    The Integration Guide Connecting a Trading Platform to Speed4Trade CONNECT gives you an overview on developing a sales channel integration into Speed4Trade CONNECT. The document will show you how the Multi-Channel-Plugin and API 2.0 do interact and how a best practice implementation will look like. It is the main document for planing your integration project […]

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    Start your Integration

    Speed4Trade CONNECT is a PIM and middleware solution to automate online sales processes across multiple trading platforms or sales channels like online shops, marketplaces, mobile apps, and digital signage POS solutions. Speed4Trade CONNECT is used to provide a single point of integration to ERP and merchant systems and allows to connect to a large number […]

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    Test Server Setup

    The test environment can be used for multiple purposes. This does include the development, testing, regression testing, quality assurance of trading platform integrations, building environments for sales and customer demos, and customer & partner support activites. Read on to find more information about the test environment. A guide to setup the test server for the […]

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    Support & Help

    In the Speed4Trade Online Manual you will find a user guidance about Speed4Trade CONNECT including the item data maintenance process and the Multi-Channel-Plugin setup. The Release Notes do list the recent software product changes and new features. The API 2.0 changelog shows an archive of the recently sent developer newsletters including a description and motivation […]

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    Request Support

    We offer a variety of guidelines, documentation, and other helpful ressources to support you. Those documents help you to develop, test and rollout a trading platform integration. They enable you furthermore to build your own sales demos and improve the collaborative customer support. If you need additional help, please contact partner@speed4trade.com or open a support […]